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Let’s play the paste game. In my inbox, right click and press “paste” and send my muse whatever you already have copied. I must respond in character. 

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My RP’s are only quality because of my RP partner, I’d be nothing without them.
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There are times when my RP partners cry over feels from things I write or do and instead of being sorry I’ll just be sitting here like


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» i wonder if i have male followers

you’re all female until you come up to me and say otherwise though tbh js

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if there was a way to make your blog have a smell, so that everyone visiting your blog automatically smelled it, what would you make your blog smell like?

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After getting her breath back, Fai returned the gesture in a more gentle manner, while flashing a bright smile. “I think you’ve been hanging out with that man candy of yours too much. Gai is usually the only one who just poofs out of no where and grabs me into a bear hug. I wasn’t expecting you to do the same!” The woman laughed regardless.

"I stopped by to see Tsunade-sama, she requested time with her grandbaby. While she plays, she sent me to drop some paper off. Other than that I’ve been pretty well. How about you?


"Where do you think he learned it from? Used to have a mean grip on his leg when we where younger." laughing resisting the urge to hug the woman again. "But no been stuck here for quarterly inventory actually and besides the tedious checking and rechecking I’ve been alright though haven’t been home much. Not sure I’ve seen the sun in a week. What is daylight like?" teasing with a big smile.

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