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So I messed up the ask DX and everyone in the house feels the need to bother me I’ll just do it like this. 

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Why have you loved the people you have loved? -q

"I don’t know." pondering the question trying to come up with an answer, chewing on her lip as she thought.

"The first time was a rush, a drug of sorts, full of new sensations and experiences. He made my world come alive like first loves tend to do. You don’t really thing about the why only that you do." smiling lightly as happy memories of Taro and her fluttered in her mind.

"The second time, a comfortable blurring of the lines between friends and more. We’ve been through so much already and still wanting to go through more. I love the history and comfortable feel we have with each other. The no rush sense to this as we just figure out just what this is." smile widening as the memories dissolved into ones with Gai.

"It varies, as I assume it would for anyone else you ask that question to."

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I saw you kissing your boyfriend.

"Oh did you?" shifting the strap of her satchel "Was it a good show where you were? Because it was pretty good from where I was." smirking she continued on her trek casting back. "Stick around I’m sure there will be an encore."

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For every # I get, I’ll tell you one thing my muse is embarrassed to tell yours.


She looked around suddenly as if someone else had said that with her voice. “Who said that?”

"To answer the random person who is obviously you, no I sleep in boxer shorts and a tank top."

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thinking about ur otps napping is SO IMPORTANT. Does one protectively shush anyone who comes near their sleeping partner. Does one come home to find the other sleeping on the floor under a table or curled in a corner. Does the partner wake them up and move them to some place more comfortable or do they roll their eyes and cover them with a blanket whatever weird place they are. Do their roommates come home to find them both tangled in impossible positions and marvel at how they are somehow asleep. Who gets really emotional the first time they fall asleep together. Who drools on the other one’s chest. Who wakes up with the other’s hair in their nose. these are the necessary questions. 

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