Imagine your OTP giving each other a piggy back ride. But with the bigger/stronger/taller one being the “piggy” on top.

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As long as others are safe?

"You think everyone blissfully happy—," eyes down as she clenched her fists on her lap, "that’s bullshit and you know it." True, she was glad that all the shinobi she knew did their service for the village and that kept them in a state of normalcy. There wasn’t anything normal about thinking what you did kept everyone happy all the time. 

I care if you make it," now looking her straight in the eyes, "It would be a burden for me if you didn’t come back.”

"I don’t think that hell I know that no one is happy all the time!” circles being spun as the two squared off in this argument. Both equally sure they were right and both equally wrong in thinking so. Two worlds collided here and memories flashed as a similar argument happened between her and her father.

"Listen we keep secrets it is who we are, it is how we are trained but it doesn’t mean we don’t care hell half the time it means we care too much." trying to remember how she’d gotten her father to see things a little more clearly. Anger subsiding slightly as she tried to keep in mind that Wy wasn’t from her world.

"I know if I didn’t come back it’d make things worse for a lot of people but I won’t give my life freely without it being for those I want to protect. I get hurt it happens but if you get hurt that’s double the pain for me. do you understand? Now I tell you more then most be happy with that and if I don’t talk about things well maybe they aren’t things I want to remember right then."

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Send me a ship and I’ll tell you….

Who kills the bugs: Yamato though he usually just captures and releases them.

Who hogs the sheets: Fai but Yamato is used to it by now and has a back up for colder nights.

Who hates mornings: Fai, not into the whole having to crawl from her warm nest and do things.

Who’s cranky before they had their coffee: Fai it is her me time and best not interrupt it.

Who’s doesn’t like their mother in law: Neither really have someone to fill this role though Tsunade has kind of taken that spot and both rather like the woman and have happily excepted her into the family.

Who drives: Yamato he’s more patient and unafraid to handle the other idiots.

Who gets horny in awkward public places: Both and neither are that good at hiding it.

Who had a scene phase: Fai she was trying something out but didn’t work for her now she just laughs at the pictures.

Who wore braces: Yamato though he will never admit it.

Who got bullied. Both though Fai more and she baked as an outlet and became rather good at it so much so it brings all the jōnin boys to the yard.

Who collects ceramic stuffed elephants: Both but for their son. It started out when Fai found this really adorable one that made the boy cheer up during one of his fits while out shopping and from there it spiraled out of control. He has a pet net now full of the cutest elephants his parents found trying to out do the other.


Who kills the bugs: Reni, she seems to have this sixth sense with bugs thanks to archives and they don’t stand a chance.

Who hogs the sheets: Fai and Reni lets her because she gets to cuddle closer when she does.

Who hates mornings: Both would rather stay in bed.
Who’s cranky before they had their coffee: Both though it is more tea for Reni but both need that time to fortify for the day ahead.

Who’s doesn’t like their mother  father in law: Fai and Tadashi are on okay terms but the two get onto herbs and what is the better remedy and it becomes rather heated quickly. Reni usually just leaves till they cool down in hopes not to pick sides.

Who drives: Reni prefers to though if Fai insists she’ll let her.

Who gets horny in awkward public places: Both though awkward it has in face a few times it has panned out for them thanks to archives being secluded.

Who had a scene phase: Reni and her father will happily pull out all the embarrassing photos.

Who wore braces: Fai and she was adorable with them.

Who got bullied. Both though it made them both stronger people.

Who collects ceramic elephants tiny teapots: Reni, each proudly displayed on a shelf and each has a story to go with them because none are collected idly each earned a spot on the shelf.

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Send me a ship and I’ll tell you….

Who kills the bugs: Jiraiya tries to before Tsunade can just to save the furniture and to keep from having to plaster the walls.

Who hogs the sheets: Both it is a tug of war most nights, one Jiraiya loses most nights too.

Who hates mornings: Tsunade more so but Jiraiya isn’t a morning person either.

Who’s cranky before they had their coffee: Tsunade, don’t talk to her till she’s at least had one cup unless you want to see if you can fly.

Who’s doesn’t like their mother in law: Neither have to worry about this though extended family can be a pain and nosy at times they still care about them.

Who drives: It’s a fight usually who gets to but both are terrible at it and no one wants to ride with either of them.

Who gets horny in awkward public places: Jiraiya, his “research” usually sees to that.
Who had a scene phase: Jiraiya though it is a very hushed phase of his life he only did it thinking Tsunade would like him.

Who wore braces: Jiraiya though it wasn’t braces more or less wire for his jaw after Tsunade beat the crap out of him for peeping.

Who got bullied: Jiraiya and still is but he doesn’t mind it so much.

Who collects ceramic elephants frogs: Tsunade collects the little guys sent to her from the sage on his travels though they are hidden from sight and no one but her closest people know she kept them.

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Send me a ship and I’ll tell you…

Who kills the bugs: Kakashi, not because Wy isn’t capable he’s just quicker and less likely to feel bad afterwards.

Who hogs the sheets: Wyota all the way! She’s a bed hog in general so she tends to take up space and blankets though Kakashi doesn’t mind too much since that means she’s close to him.

Who hates mornings: Both! If they could they’d stay in bed the whole day but sadly responsibility calls.

Who’s cranky before they had their coffee: Both. Though Wyota has a bigger caffeine need then Kakashi but both are equally cranky since neither where keen on getting out of bed.

Who’s doesn’t like their mother in law: Kakashi since he has no family for Wy to meet and her mother made it rather rough at first for him though she does warm up eventually. He’s still unsure about the whole parent thing.

Who drives: Kakashi mostly because he’d like to arrive alive.

Who gets horny in awkward public places: Kakashi though he’s gotten good at playing it off like nothing.

Who had a scene phase: Wyota before she came to the big city she was trying to find herself and well she doesn’t talk about it much.

Who wore braces: Wyota her parents insisted she have a nice smile to impress people and she hides all the pictures from those days.

Who got bullied: A touch of both though Wy more then Kakashi.

Who collects ceramic elephants. You’d think Wy but nope Kakashi does though it isn’t a large collection just a small shelf of one’s he found interesting and picked up on his travels. He’s never said why elephants either just has them for his own personal reasons.

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"What do you care if I get hurt?"


Painful Starters

That’s a stupid question.

"Because I care about you," a first her tone was soft, but everything seemed to come undone. A frown was strewn across her face as fingers combed through messy hair. "Why do you guys do this," hands now rubbing her face, "what is it so hard to let someone care about you!?" 

"You can’t change year upon year of training!" said in a huff, an argument rehashed time and time again maybe not with Wyota but others who didn’t understand the nature of a shinobi. "If I get hurt so be it as long as others are safe I could give a flying fuck if I don’t make it! We care and we let you care but we don’t share our burdens because sharing could hurt you or worse and we can’t live with that."

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My headcanons!

Who kills the bugs
Who hogs the sheets
Who hates mornings
Who’s cranky before they had their coffee
Who’s doesn’t like their mother in law
Who drives
Who gets horny in awkward public places
Who had a scene phase
Who wore braces
Who got bullied.
Who collects ceramic elephants.

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If my character was wearing a warning label, what would it say?

A fit of laughter overtakes her till she can’t breathe but eventually subsides enough for her to suck in a ragged breaths. “So….true…both!” barley able to get the words out as she tries to calm down, succeeding Reni added “And they usually are combined!”

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» If my character was wearing a warning label, what would it say?

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My voice is so shrill in this because I tried to be all excited.

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